Make my pictures talk!

The number of text-to-speech voices available in Talkr doubled with iOS 10! There are over 50 new voices!

Like playing with tts? Try our iOS app talkr, or our new web-app Smooth Talkr!

Siri Voices Available in iOS 10

Siri voices are available to play with in Talkr! A low quality version of each Siri voice is installed by default on all devices, and an enhanced version can be downloaded from Settings->Accessibility->Spoken Content->Voices. (iOS13). If you are looking to change your Siri voice, go to Settings->Siri & Search

Name Gender Language Locale Enhanced (MB)
Aaron Male English en-US 148
Nicky Female English en-US 189
Catherine Female English en-AU 205
Gordon Male English en-AU 174
Martha Female English en-GB 182
Arthur Male English en-GB 154
Yu-shu Female Chinese cn-ZH 217
Li-mu Male Chinese cn-ZH 217
Daniel Male French fr-FR 166
Marie Female French fr-FR 169
Helena Female German de-DE 197
Martin Male German de-DE 195

New iOS 10 Downloadable Voices

Head to your iOS settings to download some of these new voices in iOS 10. Settings->Accessibility->Spoken Content->Voices. (iOS13)

Name Gender Language Locale Download (MB)
Tom Male English en-US 466
Susan Female English en-US 163
Ava Female English en-US 534
Allison Female English en-US 126
Serena Female English en-GB 231
Oliver Male English en-GB 151
Kate Female English en-GB 150
Lee Male English en-AU 404
Laila Female Arabic* ar-SA 103
Tarik Male Arabic* ar-SA 101
Iveta Female Czech cs-CZ 134
Magnus Male Danish da-DK 106
Claire Female Dutch nl-NL 799
Onni Male Finnish fi-FI 89.5
Audrey Female French fr-FR 430
Aurelie Female French fr-FR 137
Markus Male German de-DE 159
Yannick Male German de-DE 416
Nikos Male Greek el-GR 81.2
Neel Male Hindi hi-IN 931
Federica Female Italian it-IT 201
Luca Male Italian it-IT 119
Otoya Male Japanese* ja-JP 315
Sora Female Korean ko-KR 116
Henrik Male Norwegian no-NO 142
Ewa Female Polish pl-PL 141
Krzysztof Male Polish pl-PL 109
Felipe Male Portuguese pt-BR 140
Catarina Female Portuguese pt-PT 174
Joaquim Male Portuguese pt-PT 154
Katya Female Russian ru-RU 331
Angelica Female Spanish es-MX 143
Juan Male Spanish es-MX 170
Jorge Male Spanish es-ES 97
Marisol Female Spanish es-ES 238
Klara Female Swedish sv-SE 134
Oskar Male Swedish sv-SE 425
Narisa Female Thai th-TH 364
Cem Male Turkish tr-TR 138

*Japanese and Arabic are not supported by Talkr.

Oldies but Goodies!

Who can forget Steve Jobs' famous 1984 Macinosh text-to-speech demo? To take a trip down memory lane, try these oldies but goodies. Newly available in iOS 10!

Name Gender Language Locale Download (MB)
Fred Male English en-US -preinstalled-
Victoria Female English en-US 1.7